Geelong’s key to a successful build

  • Author
    Rebecca Hall
  • Published
    08 July 2019

Uncovering the complexities of a new home build…

With build opportunities expanding across the region, more and more homebuyers are uncovering the complexities surrounding new home construction. Savvy Geelong homebuyers and investors alike have been seeking the support of a Build Advocate to ensure a stress-free build.

What is a Build Advocate? And how can they assist you when building a new home or investment property?
Most people would be familiar with the services and benefits associated with a traditional real estate Buyers Advocate, an agent who is appointed to source and negotiate the purchase of an established property on buyers’ behalf.
What many won’t know is that a similar service exists for those looking to build a new home.
A Buyers Advocate for new home builds, or Build Advocate, is an industry professional who manages the build process on a client’s behalf.
Representing home buyers in the areas of finance, land acquisition, builder selection and project management, build advocates secure favourable terms across pricing, inclusions and contract conditions.
Build Advocates implicitly understand the construction process providing the know-how required for a successful build.
Having a professional seek out options that best meet your needs can save you countless hours, shortlisting efforts and stress. Your time is freed up allowing you to focus only on the options that have a greater chance of ticking your boxes at the best possible price.
Build advocates understand the elements of construction and won’t just work from your wish list, but will consider how to optimise your selections based on their experience.
This process can save you time, money and stress in the long run – lessening your chances of making an ill-informed build decision.
It helps to have someone with the confidence, emotional detachment and knowledge representing you throughout the build.
For investors, Build Advocates also provide support across the areas of insurance, depreciation and property management.
If you can delegate the stress of new home construction to an expert who works for your best interest, why not?
The right Build Advocate can help to navigate the complex build process ensuring you build stress-free, in budget and on time.