Which support service is right for you?

Ninedots provides a full suite of support services related to new home construction on a pick-up-put-down basis. Some clients may be more experienced or self-sufficient, requiring only initial guidance or quality assurance while others will benefit from full build support.

Exploring the idea of a new build


1hr Session

Do you need help getting started? Or just unsure if building is right for you? During this 1 hr session we engage in depth with you about your personal scenario and desired outcomes. We address your needs in terms of finance, land acquisition and builder selection, identifying any knowledge gaps and assistance you may require along the way. We walk you through the overall build process ensuring you know what to expect, what to consider and what to avoid to allow for a seamless build. Regardless of whether you continue the entire process or simply engage us for a Build Discovery Session, you will be better equipped for your build journey ahead ensuring you save time, save money and avoid stress.

Get an overall understanding of the new build process. Learn what to expect, what to avoid and what to consider to allow for a seamless build. 

The best place to start your new build journey.

Looking for land or land support


Let us make it easy

Do you have an existing property ripe for subdivision or need support coordinating the subdivision process? Embarking on this journey alone can be hard work. It’s important to be aware of the process in its entirety identifying complexities and time involved to ensure your project is completed within your desired scope and budget. The subdivision support package has us engaged from the beginning ensuring you have a sounding board and that you’re across all elements of the process.


Land selection

Do you need assistance in finding and purchasing a block of land? If so, Ninedots can assist in finding a block that best meets your needs. Through this process we identify and consider potential ‘hidden’ costs that might be associated with the land such as slope (fall), soil conditions, drainage issues, developer guidelines, titling timing. We also provide information around proposed infrastructure, orientation and other lifestyle benefits of specific locations. We often have access to off market opportunities and are generally able to negotiate better pricing and terms when it comes to ‘signing on the dotted line’. During this stage we also ensure you are equipped with the services of a conveyancer, coordinate contract signing and also liaise with your finance specialist to assist with your finance approval.

Ask about our Land acquisition and Builder selection package!


Cost effective support

Have an idea of what your wanting in a floor plan but need expert advice on the final touches and asssitance in documenting the concept? We have found many people have an idea of what they’re after from a custom design but need help articulating their ideas, understanding the build-ability of the plan, applying the technical build aspects, fine tuning the plan or formally documenting the concept. This service allows for cost effective professional design support to help get your ideas onto paper ensuring all important design elements are considered. Design support also extends to assistance with Landscape plans for developer approval. Ninedots design support allows for cost effective professional design outcomes.


Best fit builder

Understanding your specific and detailed requirements for your build project is by far the most important step in enabling the selection of the right design and builder. Unpack your ideas with our guided builder selection process, fill in your knowledge gaps with our build brief session and have an industry expert carry out the technical due diligence and builder sourcing on your behalf. Complete support in finding your best fit builder. Ask us about our Low Fee / No Fee Project Management option!

Avoid the known stress and confusion in finding a builder and ensure your matched to your best fit! Through our detailed process we’ll identify your needs, fill in any knowledge gaps and do the leg work in sourcing your ideal floor plan and builder within your budget.


Peace of mind

Looking for some independent assurance before paying an initial builders deposit? Ninedots can review your quote, reviewing standard inclusions, selected upgrades, your plan and sitting. We provide advice and suggestions regarding any problematic omissions and highlight areas we believe require clarity / review before proceeding with your selected builder. This is a great time to seek independent advice to avoid common build mistakes.

Multiple quotes and tangled in confusion? It can be hard to compare from one builder to the next. Not only are you needing to compare standard inclusions, promotions, floor plans and the position of the home on your block, you need to be aware of a builders suitability to meet your needs from a time, budget and quality perspective. Let us help you get clarity on your shortlist! Ask us about our multiple quote review discount!


Make sure everything adds up

This service involves a detailed review of all contract documentation. We take an in depth look at your specifications, plans and contract conditions to ensure your contract is fair and reasonable. In addition to highlighting any problematic areas we address any specific concerns you have to ensure your contract meets your expectations. This is a service aimed to give you complete peace of mind prior to signing your build contract. Ask us about our Contract Review and Building Inspections Package!


Taking out the guesswork

Having trouble visualising your plans? Building a custom home, customising an existing floor plan or building a plan you havn’t seen on display?  It’s important to be able to visualise the detail of your home in the early stages of planning to help save you time and money during construction. Visualising your plan early will help you to plan for other elements of your home and to avoid disappointment with unexpected surprises!

Already onsite or waiting for site start


Hands free building

Have you completed your land and builder selection but already overwhelmed/ concerned about the construction process? Let us take the stress out of the journey ahead with fixed price – complete project management. We’re by your side every step of the way.

Complete project management, our qualified construction team will manage your build entirely on your behalf.  We liaise with your builder weekly and conduct regular building inspections to ensure contract specification and quality is on track. The key to a stress free, successful new build.


Quality Assurance

If you’ve already engaged a builder and are simply looking for the added value of

independent quality control throughout the construction process, Ninedots can conduct building inspections for complete quality assurance. Our engagement ensures each stage of construction is in line with relevant Australian Standards, the State Building Authority’s Guide to Standards and Tolerances and in accordance to your contract documentation.

Our Building Inspection package delivers quality assurance at the 5 key stages of construction

  • Pre pour
  • Slab/frame
  • Lockup/pre plaster
  • Fixing/water proofing
  • Final

Getting ready to move

New Home

Making your move easier

No need to make a checklist, make multiple calls or fall asleep to on hold music. Connect your utilities and moving services in one simple step.

Ninedots New Home Connect will ensure you are connected to all services you require so you can enjoy your new home sooner!

A free and convenient way to move into your new home, simply select which services you’d like us to help with, complete your details and one of our friendly staff will be in contact to assist OR simply browse options online!

Partner Network

Trusted connections

Ninedots partner with industry leading tradespeople, suppliers and professional service providers to ensure you have access to everything you need to complete your new home with ease. If your planning to complete any aspect of your new home outside of your build contract – this is a great resource giving you access to our reccomended trades and service providers!

Floorplan Experiences

Virtual Reality Floorplan

This state of the art program allows you to don a virtual reality headset (we know, they look amazing!), and transform your paper floor plans into an interactive and immersive virtual tour. You will be able to walk through your house design as if you were there in person!

<h2><strong>Virtual</strong> Reality Floorplan</h2>

1:1 Floorplan Projection

This service delivers the opportunity for you to walk through your plans in one to one scale. Setup in a large warehouse with the latest projection technology, we provide you with the opportunity to walk through your plans in 1:1 scale to fully understand the dimensions and details of your build before any work begins.

During this one hour display session you can walk through your floor plan, co-ordinate furniture placement with sample pieces, and view your facade and elevation projections.

<h2><strong>1:1</strong> Floorplan Projection</h2>

Augmented Reality Floorplan

If you have access to your land this is a floor-plan experience not to miss!

Walk through your future home, on your block to see your house positioning and experience the house before the build begins.

With the click of a button on our screen you can convert your floorplans to 3D and experience every inch of your future home live and on-site.

<h2><strong>Augmented</strong> Reality Floorplan</h2>

Support every step of the way

In addition to our defined service offering we are always happy to tailor our support to your personal needs and objectives.
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