Build your team before you build your home!

  • Author
    Rebecca Hall
  • Published
    28 July 2019

Save Time, Save Money, Avoid Mistakes

There are a number of aspects regarding building a home that feel unfamiliar and overwhelming. Most home buyers begin the build journey by looking for a block of land, visiting a display home or choosing a floor plan, and while all of these steps become important in time, few realise that they’re actually not the ideal places to start.

With all there is to consider when building a new home, it’s important to first build your team of experts to ensure you’re well advised and equipped for the build journey ahead. Arming yourself with the right team can end up saving you enormous amounts of time and money while ensuring you have as close to a stress free build as possible.

Many home buyers learn quite quickly that they require conveyancing services to help with land settlement however many don’t understand the importance of, or strategy to, finding the right conveyancing professional. ​When it comes to signing important, legally binding contracts for your purchase, you want to make sure you understand the legal jargon and really know what you’re getting yourself into. ​There are two types of conveyancing professionals who can assist with this: a real estate conveyancer and a solicitor who specialises in conveyancing.

Real estate conveyancers are not lawyers however they specialise in property so they have extensive knowledge about the industry. Generally speaking, conveyancers charge lower fees than solicitors. Whereas solicitors have extensive knowledge of the law in general which may be beneficial if you encounter any legal issues outside of the conveyancing process. If choosing a solicitor, ensure they specialise in property conveyancing before engaging them, as not all solicitors have this expert knowledge.

The reputation and character of your selected professional is also very important. You need to be sure they are good communicators as timely, clear communication is imperative.

In addition to conveyancing, another key aspect to building a new home is finance. Depending on your personal scenario and lending history you may wish to approach a bank directly or speak with a mortgage broker. It is often advised, and preferable even, to speak with a broker to ensure you’re exposed to a variety of lending options. Although all brokers operate on the same philosophy, the service offered can vary significantly, so it’s vital you do your homework.

It’s best to engage mortgage brokers that have access to an extensive panel of lenders and who ideally, specialise in construction finance. It is important that you choose someone with an in-depth understanding of lender and builder requirements as build delays and penalties are common traps often incurred by those who arrange their finance through unspecialised lenders.

If the thought of finding a good fit conveyancing professional and mortgage broker already feels overwhelming and you’re a little unsure about where or who to build with, partnering with a build advocate from the very beginning could be the key to your best build experience.

A build advocate is an industry professional who​ supports homebuyers and investors through the new build process.

The concept, pioneered by Geelong locals Rebecca and Steven Hall, was behind the successful launch of Ninedots Consulting in 2013, which was established to help buyers expertly navigate the build process with ease. Ninedots Consulting has since been the strength behind many successful new builds across Geelong.

From support with sourcing and engaging your professional team, to finding your ideal block of land, sourcing your best fit builder, project managing the build through to completion. Ninedots supports clients every step of the way with unparalleled expertise and ongoing guidance.

Whether based on a volume build design, partial customisation or fully customised, single or  multiple townhouse/ unit developments, Ninedots takes the stress and unknown out of the build process saving clients time and money while delivering an optimal build outcome.

“We help clients to find their best fit builder while negotiating on their behalf across the areas of pricing, inclusions and contract conditions,” says Rebecca

“Our project management includes weekly contact with builders and fortnightly site inspections providing clients with the ultimate peace of mind allowing them to enjoy their build experience”

Although the services offered by Ninedots are often sought after by time poor professionals, Ninedots has been structured in a way to ensure support is affordable and accessible for first home buyers and those on a tight budget.

For a stress free, enjoyable build experience build your team before you start building your home!

Ninedots Build Advocates services include:

  • Construction finance coordination
  • Conveyancing coordination
  • Quote reviews/comparisons
  • Build Contract and documentation review
  • Land sourcing
  • Sub division support
  • Builder selection
  • Project Management
  • Building Inspections
  • Investment support – Coordination of property management and depreciation reports