Top tips to consider when looking for Land

  • Author
    Rebecca Hall
  • Published
    24 June 2019

Buying a block of land and building your dream home…

Buying a block of land and building your dream home can be one of life’s most exciting and rewarding experiences however, it’s importantthat you research your block carefully before you sign a contract. Knowing what to look for when sourcing a block of land can make a huge
difference. In addition to price, there are a number of things you should consider:


The width and depth of the block will determine how much you pay and what kind of house you can build. It’s important to note the required setback and check that the shape of the lot is suited to the house you intend to build. A rectangular shaped block with a wide frontage will enable a wider range of housing choices. Irregular, angular and battle-axe shaped blocks can often present construction limitations.


Sloping blocks often present great opportunities from both a design and price perspective; however blocks with a steep gradient
often require excavation and retaining walls, which will incur significant costs. It’s worth noting that not all builders build on all
land conditions. Traditionally, flatter blocks are better suited for volume style builders, while sloping blocks are more suited for
custom builders.


Land features such as soil composition can affect the price of building and the layout or design of the house that you can build.
Site conditions determine the amount of preparation (or site works) required to lay the foundations for the house.
It’s often helpful to commission a soil test prior to signing contracts. The results will determine the stability of the soil and the
type of foundations required enabling you to make an informed decision.


An easement is defined as a proprietary service that exists on someone else’s land such as an underground cable or pipeline that
runs through your yard. Easements are quite common and can have an impact on where you position your house or if you can
install a pool in the backyard. It’s important to check that all easements have been properly identified prior to signing contracts.


It’s also important to consider the orientation of the block. Houses are more comfortable to live in if they’re positioned well,
while allowing you to enjoy sunlight and reduce heating and cooling costs. Maximising the northern aspect is ideal.