To Buy Or Build? The Benefits Of Building New.

  • Author
    Rebecca Hall
  • Published
    17 June 2019

Although the excitement of moving into a home quickly can initially have you gravitating towards an established property, the benefits of building new are hard to ignore.

For homebuyers, building new presents an opportunity to create a home that perfectly suits your taste and lifestyle without compromise. From selecting your block size and ideal floorplan, right through to coordinating your colour scheme, building new allows you to truly create your ideal home.

Although you can build a new home in an established area, the majority of new homes are built in new communities which often provide access to modern amenities.

Newer homes are also built with sustainability in mind, which means they are usually more energy and water efficient, ultimately saving you money on household bills.

Another key advantage to building new is the reduced need for repairs and maintenance. New homes are backed with a builders warranty and often require less attention than that of established homes. Repairs on an older property can be quite costly and often disrupt your lifestyle unexpectedly.

When deciding between building new or purchasing an established property it’s also important to factor in the financial benefits available to those who build a new home. Savings on stamp duty and government grants could save you tens of thousands of dollars, making a new home a more affordable option.

For investors, new homes also offer greater rent appeal and increased depreciation benefits. Being able to depreciate the building, fixtures and fittings allows you to save thousands on your taxable income.