A partnership that increases client appreciation

Ninedots are essentially Advocates for new home buyers but builders benefit greatly from the Ninedots partnership.

With extensive Industry knowledge, experience, compassion and project management skill the Ninedots team are well placed to effectively support buyers through the new build process with ease. By bridging the knowledge gap between buyers and builders and supporting both parties throughout the build, the build process becomes seamless and stress free.

Partnering with Ninedots as a Tier 1 Builder delivers enormous benefits to a builder.

Key Benefits:

  • Referral of qualified, GOOD FIT clients
  • Effective and streamlined communication
  • Quality control/ support
  • An extended and knowledge rich team
  • Elevated brand positioning as a recommended builder
  • Happy clients
  • Repeat business

Tier 1 Builders

As a Tier 1 builder you would cover a clients fixed project management fee of $9,900 in lieu of paying an internal sales person, from marketing budgets, or from other internal means. A referral fee, management fee, support fee, or customer experience fee – whichever way you look at it, the Ninedots partnership delivers great value.

Tier 1 build partnership not only provides enormous benefits to you as a builder it supports Ninedots in its ability to provide cost effective build support to those in need.

Tier 2 Builders

As a Tier 2 builder you would partially cover a clients engagement fee (Contribution from $3,400)

Tier 3 Builders

Tier 3 builders are builders we are yet to invite or engage as a Tier 1 or Tier 2 builder – In these instances clients engage and pay for support services directly.

Most clients who engage Ninedots for Builder Selection support request we source build options from our Tier 1 Builders given the value proposition.